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Ansor Silver, Yogyakarta

ANSOR SILVER is a fine silver industry established in 1956. Being centered in Kotagede, as the center of fine silver industry, the ANSOR SILVER is one of the greatest silver industry in Yogyakarta.

ANSOR SILVER produces jewelries, miniature, decorating accessories, dinner set, etc, made of 800-925 carat pure silver. All highly artistic experienced silver artisans make them.

ANSOR SILVER has 28 outlets throughout Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali, and Magelang. Its main showroom is located on Jl. Tegal Gendu, Yogyakarta. Performing in Javanese traditional style building (including a pendopo) decorated with antiques reserves for special atmosphere.

Jl. Tegal Gendu 28 Kotagede, Yogyakarta 55172 - Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 373266, +62 274 371305
Fax: +62 274 382258
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Kotagede, Enchantment of an Old City

The victory of Ki Gede Pemanahan over Arya Penangsang who was in opposition to the King of Pajang was the beginning of the foundation of Mataram Islam Kingdom. Thanks to Ki Ageng Pemanahan who helped Pajang, the King of Pajang rewarded him a forest named Mentaok where he built Mataram Islam Kingdom in 1575 with his people called mentawisan.

An Old City as Center of Silver Handicrafts

Located around 10 kilometers at the southeastern part of Yogyakarta city center, the area is now well known as Kotagede as the center of silver handicrafts in Yogyakarta. Keeping around 170 old buildings built in 1700 to 1930, "Kotagede is not only named Silver City but an Old Capital City" as Achmad Charris Zubair, a Kotagede cultural observer, said.

Entering Kotagede from the north through Gedong Kuning, a small street framed with classical buildings along both sides look like an exotic opening for tourists after going through the gate.

Since entering Kotagede area, tourists begin to enjoy various kinds silver handicrafts at various prices sold at the front part of local people's house functioning as the gallery at the same time. Most of the houses are in traditional Javanese architecture called Joglo.

Silver handicraft is a culture descended by the ancestor to the next generations. Initially, handicrafts in Kotagede were made of gold, silver and copper. By the coarse of time, however, silver is most preferred. For the reason, craftsmen make more silver handicrafts until today. This handicraft is exported to foreign countries, mainly to Europe. Order is usually increasing by the year end.

Please drop by at the gallery to see various kinds of handicraft, ranging from jewelry, silver ornament and utensils that are made with artistic touch of Kotagede silversmiths. Warm smile and greeting are pleasant reception to begin the exploration through Kotagede.

HS Silver Jogja

In beautiful of Jogja can be seen the heart of Javanesse culture and commerce . Jogjakarta is one of Indonesia's top destinations. With Indonesia's various tourism offices, the private sector and publications, Jogjakarta will offer guests the opportunity of a safe, comfortable and memorable holiday or successful in business trip.

Jogjakarta is shopper's paradise and cheaper than other tourist center. The city famous with traditional crafts such as batik, leather, earthenware, ceramics, wooden and silver handicrafts. The visitors also have the chance to see the artists at work, using traditional methods, unchanged for centuries.

In the silver workshops of Kotagede, once the seat of the Mataram empire, but now a tranquil little town just a few kilometres east of Jogjakarta, there hardly seem to exist any trade secrets: every body is welcome to watch as the silver is being transformed from raw material into beautiful works of art under the deft hands of the numerous craftsmen. Not much has changed in the methods of producing fine silverware. The whole process from the melting of pure silver beads to forging, engraving and assembling the different parts into final products is done by hand.

Product :
  • Silver Bracelet - Perhiasan/Permata
  • Silver Brooch - Perhiasan/Permata
  • Silver Earring - Perhiasan/Permata
  • Silver Necklace / Liontin - Perhiasan/Permata
  • Silver Pendant - Perhiasan/Permata
  • Silver Ring - Perhiasan/Permata
  • Semi-manufactured Silver - Perhiasan/Permata
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    HS Silver
    Jl. Mondorakan No: 1 Kotagede
    Jogjakarta - Indonesia
    Phone +62-274-375107/370725
    fax +62-274-377872
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    Al-Mukhlies silver handicraft

    ImageAl-Mukhlies silver handicraft company is located at the main road to the “Silver City” of Kotagede (Jalan Pramuka, no. 5, Umbul Harjo, Yogyakarta). The company which produces silver handicrafts, was originally a home industry established in 1930’s, bringing the name of “Gamblak SRS”. In 1955, the young generation of “Gamblak SRS”, established three separate companies, called Tom’s Silver, Tik’s Silver, and Yogya Silver Corner. Following the success of those three companies, later in 1989 Al-Mukhlies was then established by other young generation of “Gamblak SRS”.
    Initially Al-Mukhlies only acted as collector of silver handicrafts made craftsmen from the surrounding Kotagede area. The crafts were then packed and sold in Bali. Following the higher demand for silver crafts, the company decided to build its own workshop and art shop in 1991.

    The vision of the company is to become the silver crafts company that always develop and preserve the original culture of Indonesian silver craftsmen.

    The missions of the company are:

    1. To always increase the quality of silver handicraft products to meet the demand of the foreign market
    2. To help craftsmen to increase their competence and skill so they can improve their livelihood and crafts quality and productions
    Al Mukhlies Silver Shop
    Jl. Pramuka 5d Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta 55161 INDONESIA Telp./Fax. (+62 274) 385971

    Making Silver Handicraft, Learning from Craftsmen of Kotagede

    Kotagede undeniably becomes the biggest center of silver handicrafts in Indonesia, surpassing Bali, Lombok and Kendari. Different silver handicrafts in various forms are made through many stages in a place that is located around 10 kilometers of Yogyakarta city center. Since 70s, silver handicrafts from Kotagede either in the form of jewelry, household utensils or accessories have attracted foreign tourists.

    Now, Kotagede does not only offer the luxury of its silver handicrafts, but also an opportunity to learn the process of its making. A short course as long as three hours to a couple of days offers your alternative tour package including designing silver handicraft, making it and finally bringing the product you made yourself home. One of the places you can enjoy such a tour package is Studio 76.

    Preliminary step of the course is designing the jewelry. You are free to choose the kind of jewelry and its design. After determining the design, the process is continued by transferring the design to the mould and forging it. After being forged, the sheet of brass or bronze as the raw material is forged using soft tin. Afterwards, the material is set as you wish and is polished with silver through plating process.

    If you have more time, you may choose to learn making silver jewelries that is even more beautiful. In order to make it, you must learn to carve the metal sheet as the raw material before you polish it. If you like, you can choose to make jewelries of which forms resemble woven wires with silver coating at the outer part. In fact, the more beautiful and detailed of the jewelries, the more valuable they are in other people's eyes.

    All processes of design and manufacture are your right. During manufacturing process, instructor will only guide and fix some less beautiful details. The experienced instructor will help you learn quickly. Supported by foreign language competence of the instructor, it will help you much.

    During the course, you will also get explanation on silver handicrafts and Kotagede. For example, an explanation on silver handicrafts in Kotagede and explanation on some techniques of making silver. You can also walk around the location of handicraft and to see craftsmen working, in addition to watching ready-to-sell products.

    If you choose the tour package of making silver handicraft in Studio 76, there are choices of time and duration as you wish. If you have only little time, you may choose the Short Course with the duration of 3 hours, but if you have much spare time you may choose the Full Day Course lasting from morning to evening. If you are satisfied yet, you may prefer to join the Arranged Course of which time length adapts your target and wish.

    The fee of the courses ranges from IDR 100,000 to IDR 2,000,000 per person, depending on the course. The longer the course time, the more expensive the fee is. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry, since you will have more time to learn in detail and the silver jewelry you make weighs higher gram. Maximum gram of jewelry you make at a Short Course is just 5 grams, but at a Full Day Course it reaches 10 grams.

    To take part in this course, you have to make an appointment first with the galleries or course providers in order for them to prepare both the instructor and equipments. If you are going to go to Studio 76, please go to Kotagede and take Jalan Purbayan. The studio provides an instructor with English and French language competence. Are you interested in making silver jewelries yourself?

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    Artistic: Agung Sulistiono Mabruron
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    STUDIO 76
    Jl. Purbayan KG 3 / 1190 Kotagede Yogyakarta
    Phone: +62 274 7147676
    Fax: +62 +62 81 2278 2279
    CP: Mr. Agus (+62 81 2278 2279)

    Kuthogedhe Silver : Silver, gold jewelry, brass, copper, bronze, pewter, aluminum, wood, natural stone

    Kuthogedhe Enterprise is a group of silver craftsmen in Kotagede that has a strong commitment to grow together through design innovations and product quality improvement.

    Founded in the mid of 2005, Kuthogedhe Enterprise has succeeded in uniting some silver craftsmen and other craftsmen with non-silver raw materials such as brass, bronze, gold, wood, and natural stone.

    Thanks to the support from Yogyakarta Arts PPPG, in its relatively young age, Kuthogedhe Enterprise has succeeded in producing products with developing designs and is able to compete in international market.

    In the future, Kuthogedhe Enterprise will keep on developing its wings to handicraft business world and international-scale industries.

    Gang Tanduk No. 280 B
    Basen RT. 15 RW. 4 Basen
    Kotagede, Yogyakarta 55173
    Phone: +62 274 4519778, +62 274 7141420
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